About Us

Stockpiled is a family owned business located 45 miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana in the architecturally historic town of Columbus. We have over 30 years of combined situational preparedness experience and we focus on protection and survival. Our team consists of outdoor adventurers, firearm enthusiasts, experienced hunters and fishermen, as well as machinist and engineers. You might say we are prepared for anything!

Our vision and direction comes from our family’s desire to make sure we, as well as our community, are prepared for any situation. From fires, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters; to economic collapse and terrorist attacks. We offer products and education to help you and your family survive and navigate some of the most uncertain times that you may face… and a community to help challenge you to be your most prepared self.

We are committed to serving our customer base and community by not only providing high quality survival and outdoor equipment but also offering training and education to give you the confidence that you can survive and protect your family in any situation. Consider events such as hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Matthew, the flooding in Louisiana, the unforeseen wildfire in Gatlinburg, and terrorist attacks in Boston, Orlando and the attacks of 9-11. We believe that every family should be prepared for every situation.

Come join our family today and get Stockpiled!