Matzuo Surassha

The SURASSHA is one action packed topwater bait!
The Surassha, whose name comes from the Japanese word for “slasher,” is Matzuo's new topwater bait and features a cup lip that slashes and spits plumes of water while its signature flared bloody red gills create a backdraft of bubbles and turbulence along the way.
The Surassha's flared-gills, which are a feature carried over from the existing and successful Kinchou Minnow, Ikari, and Kinchou Shad baits are flared from the body of the bait in such an angle as to create a slashing and spitting radius unlike any other top water on the market. The arc of the body and angled cup of the mouth allow the bait to swing to nearly 90-degree angles when “walking the dog.”
Complete with super sharp Matzuo® black nickel Angle Grip treble hooks.


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